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Meet the Team

We are members of Wayne Svoboda and Sandeep Junnarkar Spring ’15 Craft Interactive course at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.┬áTogether we created a page aimed to help New Yorkers deal with everyday mental health issues.



Maya Dangerfield

Web Team

Maya is a teacher turned multimedia journalist. Peers describe her as cordial. @dngrdangerfield


Dave Gershgorn


Dave is the last cowboy in a family of writers and intellectuals. Find yourself at @djgershgorn


Catherine Roberts

Web Team

Catherine likes to write about gender, make funny videos and talk about trashy TV. @catharob

Marguerite Ward

Social Media Team

Marguerite is a journalist who pursues stories where business, politics and culture intersect. @forwardist

Desiree Mathurin

Web Team

Desiree is journalist interested in sports, coding and coffee. Read her various tweets here @dez_sm

Gabriela Sierra Alonso

Social Media Team

Gabriela is a Latina firecracker with an eye for the latest scoop. Siguela @cortaditoxgaby

Alexa Pipia


Alexa is an arts and culture reporter by day, fangirl by night. Keep up with her @a_pipia

Eric Levitz


Eric is a journalist and comedian based in Harlem. @ericlevitz

Alison Kanski


Alison is a journalist who loves data, cats and making lists. Follow her @alisonkanski

John Spina


John is a urban reporter covering New York City politics. Follow him @jsspina24

Asa Merritt


Asa is the first writer in a family of soldiers and cowboys. Find him at @asamerritt

Jonathan Carey


Jonathan is a journalist who loves telling the unique stories of others. Follow him @_JAYCares


Karen Shakerdge


Karen covers health and social issues in NYC and beyond. @karenshakerdge




Kat Long


Kat writes about science, history and food, sometimes all in one article. Follow her at @kat_long.



Ken Aragaki


Ken is a multimedia journalist covering multicultural and multinational issues. @kenaragaki


About the City Mind Project

CityMind explores mental health in New York City. The articles produce reflect the mental health concerns of particular communities, explores access to quality care and delves into larger social issues concerning stigmatization. The stories are New York based but reflect the larger issues of mental health nationwide. We hope the project will serve both as a news source and a resource.

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