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An Exploration of Mental Health in New York City

Neither the soothing calm of a doctor’s voice nor the syllable-precise language of a diagnostics guide can for long guise the essential truth of the mental health field in 2015—it is a frontier. Our maps are marginal, the horizons dim. CityMind engages with this historical moment by examining mental health issues in New York City. What emerges is a city both afflicted and enlightened. Many of the stories here illuminate the mental health struggles of a particular group—Japanese Americans, African Americans, the elderly, comedians, and the LGBT community. Also explored are larger social questions: What does public insurance cover? How do frenetic New Yorkers unwind? What are the different kinds of therapy available? CityMind also explores how technology and social media are changing the way our brains work and changing the way we treat mental illness. The stories on this site delve into New York’s most acute mental health problems and its most promising solutions.

City Mind is a product of the NYCity News Service at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

City Mind Articles

Reaching LGBT Clients Where They Live

LGBT people in NYC have more depression and anxiety than straight New Yorkers. Mental health providers are stepping in to offer therapy for LGBT New Yorkers. Read More

Fighting Isolation After Sixty-Five

Older New Yorkers face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining mental health in the hustle-bustle of the city. Read More

A Japanese Mom’s Struggle in NYC

Yui recently moved with her family to New York from Tokyo, Japan. Soon after, she learns her 4-year-old son might have a mental disorder. Read More

Housing for Mentally Ill Homeless Loses Support

Despite a sharp increase in homelessness, supportive housing for the mentally ill homeless faces an uncertain future. Read More

Oases for the Mind

Cleaning up at the Bronx River, touring free art at the High Line, biking NYC’s streets – New Yorkers share the ways they calm down, de-stress, and center. Read More

Comedy The Best Medicine For Mental Illness

Depressed Improvisers at the Magnet Theater in Chelsea turn Mental Illness Into Comedy. Read More

Facing a Stigma

For mental illness activists, posting online is more than ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’, it’s a way to address the stigmatization of mental illness. Read More

Finding Mental Health Services in New York City

Starting from scratch can be intimidating, and Googling “therapists in NYC” probably won’t give you an ideal match on the first try. Try this infographic instead. Read More

Grad Students Mental Health

For graduate students, internships in New York’s free clinics mean practice. For patients, a better chance access to care. And for clinics? Cheap labor. Read More

Text to Talk: The Rise of Text Therapy

The newest form of therapy to arrive on the scene, text therapy allows for those pressed for time or cash to get therapy via a phone application. Read More

Therapy isn’t only in-person sessions; there are different types to suit anyone’s needs. Read More

What is Mania? The Height of Madness

What is Mania? The height of bi -polar ‘madness’ is explored. Read More

Silence in the Community

How mental health is discussed and explored within the black community. Read More

The Language of Suicide

Longtime journalist Cara Anna discusses the recent addition of the suicide section to the AP Stylebook. Read More